Tips for finding tutoring clients

Tips for finding tutoring clients

If you have a gift for tutoring students, online tutoring can be a very liberating and rewarding career choice. With a stable Wi-Fi connection and lots of passion for teaching, you could work from your home, coffee shops, or anywhere of your choice to support yourself financially by doing the job of your dreams. But as with all types of jobs, getting to the sweet spot where you achieve financial freedom takes time, hard work, and strategic thinking.

When you are just starting, the main challenge you might face is attracting clients or getting the first student enrolment. It might seem like you won’t get enough learners to make online tutoring your full-time career. If you are at this stage, don’t panic. Everyone needs to start out from stage one to reach their dream career.

In this blog, we have compiled some tried and tested approaches you can try to expand your student pool and teach more hours and build a sustainable tutoring business.

This might seem like very basic, but getting the basics right is where you need to start from to reap success. As you might be running a one-person tutoring business initially, a memorable brand name and a logo will help your clients identify you and establish a presence. If you already have these in place, it’s great. You can already run a legitimate tutoring business that holds a professional standard. Make sure the name you choose for your tutoring business represents your brand identity and your service.

Create a brand presence through a tutoring website

A critical factor that helps establish the legitimacy of your tutoring business is a website that acts as your student’s first point of contact. The online tutoring website is typically the best platform where you can run your marketing campaigns. No matter how your potential clients find you, the ultimate goal is to bring them to your website, make them aware of your services, and convert them into paying clients.

Regardless of your tutoring business size, ensure the tutoring website has a home page, an about us section, a service catalog, tutor profiles, a pricing page, a booking page or bottom, a contact form, and a great UI/UX and smooth website navigation.

Now you might be wondering that building a tutoring website is a costly affair and involves a lot of hard work, especially when you aren’t a techy person. Now. Let me tell you the best thing. You need not invest a lot or be a technically sound person to start a tutoring website. Yes, modern technology equips you with the best tools to build your full-fledged tutoring platform without having to build it from scratch using online tutoring software.

You can use any professional online tutoring software like Pinlearn, which is basically a ready-made script or clone script that comes with all the essential features of an online tutoring marketplace where you can host your online classes and sell online courses. Being a tutoring marketplace, your tutoring site can work as the hub where you can attract other tutors to be a part of your tutoring venture.

Leverage social media and make good use of it

While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., are some popular social platforms, make sure you use the platforms your target audience uses. Conducting research among your target audience will reveal the best platforms to reach for them.

Creative content, including images, videos, inspirational quotes, and learning tips. Etc. to attract the attention of your target audience. IF you have a blog, you can promote that using social media to drive traffic to your site as well.

Invest in paid advertising

Advertising using word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to gain long-term clients. This is because people trust referrals from whom they know. Word of mouth also has a self-sustaining effect meaning your learners will tell other learners, they tell others, and it goes on. You can also ask for testimonials from your clients, which can help you gain more clients in the long run.

While word of mouth is a great marketing technique, to take it further, you can invest in paid advertising as well. Define a buyer persona to market your tutoring services through search engines and social media.

You can start with Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads, all of which have simple instructions to help you create effective and profitable ads.

Encourage client testimonials and reviews

Social proof is often a great strategy that can help you attract new clients. Students and parents aren’t ready to work with anyone; they look for valid testimonials and reviews before enrolling in a class. Most learners will refer to choosing online tutoring services with less negative reviews. To get this right, make the most out of student feedback by putting up the social proof on your website and social media.

Offer demo classes

To bring your tutoring service to your potential clients, provide demo classes or offer a free trial of your services. Use demo classes as a way to build the confidence to familiarize your teaching skills to them. No payment commitments will help your clients have an honest opinion about your services.

A trial class serves as an opportunity to create a first impression on parents as well as parents. Invest your efforts to make a great impression and drive them to become your clients.

Provide tempting offers and discounts

Providing amazing deals and discounts will tempt your audience to try out your tutoring services. Offer special discounts like referral discounts, group offers, early-bird discounts, and exciting group packages to start with.


While it might seem like growing a tutoring business is a cakewalk, getting tutoring clients for a tutoring business takes a lot of time and work, especially when you start from scratch. To keep bringing in new clients to your online tutoring platform. Make sure you offer a personalized tutoring experience to all clients. Start by establishing a tutoring platform to make the class scheduling easier so that you can deliver a great user experience to your students. Once you expand your student base, you must manage your time to handle all clients efficiently. Automate the processes and admin work to simplify multiple tasks.

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