What is Snapchat Planets and its Solar System Order

Snapchat Planets and its Solar System Order

What is Snapchat Planets and its Solar System Order? Snapchat is the most common social media app. Snapchat Plus improves the messaging experience with exciting new features even if the app already has a tonne of features. With its paid subscription, Snapchat regularly rolls out new features like changing the app’s look seeing who has rewatched your story and designating particular pals as BFFs. Snapchat Friend Solar System a new feature of Snapchat’s Plus subscription that provides your close friends a planet was introduced to help you understand the latter.

Today will explain Snapchat Planets, Snapchat Planet Order and meanings and more. We also explain how to view the Snapchat solar system for your pals towards the conclusion.

Snapchat Planets: What Is the Friend Solar System?

You have to be aware of the appearance and operation of an actual solar system. Every planet in our solar system orbits the Sun and has a specific distance between them. You are the Sun in your friend’s solar system if you utilize Snapchat Plus.

Mercury, the first Snapchat Planet on the list stands for your best friend on Snapchat or the person you have the most streaks with. Your top eight best friends on Snapchat are given a planet according to how close you are to them i.e. how much you engage with them) and this process is also applicable to your next eight best friends.

Snapchat Planets and Order Overview

The Snapchat Planets in the Snapchat friend solar system are arranged in the same order as the planets in our solar system and each planet on the solar system corresponds to a distinct place on your list of best friends. As the Sun in your Snapchat friend solar system Mercury corresponds to the friend you snap and chat with the most Venus to your second-closest friend and so on. All the way to Neptune your eighth best friend. Additionally, we have provided a detailed explanation of Snapchat planets along with the associated emoji below to assist you in better grasping what they mean.


Mercury - Snapchat planets

Mercury is the first planet in the Snapchat solar system much like in the actual one and it stands for the user’s first closest buddy. Mercury is symbolized as a red planet encircled by five red hearts.


Venus - Snapchat planets

Venus is the second planet from the sun and the second closest buddy to the user. Venus is symbolized by a light brown planet with hearts in shades of pink, blue and yellow revolving around it.


Earth - Snapchat planets

Earth is the third planet in the solar system and the third best friend of a user. It is depicted as being the same hue as the actual Earth, surrounded by red hearts, stars and the moon.


Mars - Snapchat Planets

Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system and on Snapchat it signifies your fourth closest buddy. A red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts encircling its friend emoji serves as its symbol.


Jupiter - Snapchat planets

Jupiter is a user’s fifth closest buddy since the Snapchat solar system is a copy of our solar system. The application features a planet that is reddish-orange in color surrounded by stars and dark orange stripes.


Saturn - Snapchat planets

Saturn, which is sixth from the sun in our solar system is the user’s sixth closest friend. An orange planet with a ring of stars serves as a symbol for it.


Uranus - Snapchat planets

The Uranus planet symbolized by a green globe devoid of hearts is equivalent to a user’s seventh closest buddy on Snapchat.


Neptune - Snapchat planets

Neptune is the eighth person in your friend list within the app’s Solar System and is the eighth planet in our solar system. Recall that this lonely Blue Planet is devoid of both love and life.

List Of Snapchat Planets

List Of Snapchat Planets

How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

To begin Solar System Order, you must subscribe to Snapchat Plus in order to see which planet you are on in your friend’s universe. When you open a friend’s profile once you’ve subscribed, you’ll see a “Best Friends” or “Friends” emblem with a gold outline. The Best Friends badge indicates that you are both in the top eight best friends of each other. The Friends badge indicates that you are one of their top eight best friends but they are not one of yours.

Tapping on either badge now displays the friendship position on the Friend Solar System. To make things more interesting, the closeness is symbolized by planets, each signifying a different position on their best buddy list.

How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work

  • Open your friend’s profile on Snapchat.
  • Locate and tap the Best Friends badge to reveal which planet you represent.
  • That’s all there is to Snapchat’s friend solar system.
Remember that you must be a Snapchat Plus user to access Snapchat's friend's solar system.

Snapchat Planet Order Frequently Asked Questions

To see your Snapchat Planets Order open Snapchat and tap on your Best Friends list. Then, tap on the “Planets” icon in the top right corner of the screen.
The Snapchat Planet Order is only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers. If you are not a Snapchat Plus subscriber you will not be able to see your Snapchat Planet Order.
The Snapchat Planet Order is based on a formula that takes into account a variety of factors but it is not perfect. There may be some cases where the order does not reflect your true interactions with your friends.
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