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ImgInn is a web-based Tool that allows you to download Instagram Posts, Stories, videos, and avatars anonymously. However, You can only download the avatar, images, videos, and posts of Instagram users who have made their profiles public. Any Instagram user’s private account cannot be searched and downloaded.

ImgInn (also known as Imgin or Imignn) is a popular service among Instagram users since it allows you to browse Instagram postings without exposing your identity. But what are the dangers? Is it legal and risk-free?

ImgInn User Interface

ImgInn User Interface

ImgInn’s website looks clean simple, and certain interface.

  1. To be honest, it’s just a single-scroll web page interface.
  2. The website is brimming with ad banners, which add to the complexity.
  3. When you go to the ImgInn official website, you will observe:
  4. Icons at the top correspond to Search, Stories, Photo, Video, and Avatar.
  5. A search box (with the context ‘Enter username’ highlighted.)
    “About us” and “Remove account” are at the bottom.

How To Use ImgInn?

I’ll briefly every component of ImgInn so you can get a better understanding of it.

Here’s how you are able to start using it:

  1. Search for “ImgInn” on Google or your favorite search engine.
  2. From the SERP, click the extension weblink.
  3. To get started, enter your profile username.

When you search, the interface will see a list of relevant Instagram profiles.

Click on the appropriate profile account. “Post,” “Stories,” and “Tagged” are located below the profile avatar.


Selecting the post menu displays the posts, which include single and multiple photographs and videos.


Because it does not support reels, this simply displays the highlights.


These are the persons who are added to a post for the purpose of outreach. The interface displays posts and videos from accounts that have been tagged.

How To Download Instagram Posts Anonymously From ImgInn?

ImgInn is a simple, user-friendly tool for downloading

Here’s how to get started with downloading:

  • Use the search box and select the resource type (Stories, Photo, Video, and Avatar) from the drop-down option.
  • Stories and Avatar are based on search terms. Enter your Instagram username and press the search button.
  • A URL is required to download a photo or video.
  • Only public account information will show.

Pros and Cons of ImgInn


Just a public account will show the Stories, Photos, Videos, and Avatar
What I enjoy about ImgInn is: that I used to be able to see Instagram without having an account.

  • All types of posts, including videos and images, are available for download.
  • You can see and download your own and other user account profiles.
  • No one knows what you’re downloading if you browse anonymously.
  • A separate option is available for downloading various Instagram files.
  • The downloading process is quick and ad-free.


  • ImgInn is unable to show posts from private accounts.
  • The ImgInn interface does not allow users to see the number of likes or views on a post.
  • Because the website lacks any privacy notices or copyright issues, there is a possibility of privacy concerns and hacking.
  • If there are more than 100 comments, they are inaccessible.

Final Words

ImgInn is a simple and powerful Web-based tool for downloading other people’s posts. Enter the username in the search bar, then pick a profile to browse the page anonymously.

ImgInn uses the Instagram Search engine, thus there are no security concerns. This service is safe because you may download posts without having to sign in to Instagram or ImgInn. Furthermore, you can view all of the user’s publicly published posts at present, whereas other rivals only enable you to view 10-20 recent posts for free.


ImgInn is a free-to-use website that prompts users to download Instagram videos, posts, stories, and Avatars of any Instagram user anonymously.
When our team tested Imginn with a third-party program, it received a bad security score. As a result, the risk is certain. It is determined by how you use the site.
No, you can’t save videos and images of other private Instagram profile account users on Imginn.
No, You can use it without logging.
It is a free-to-use site that enables interested users to anonymously browse, save, and backup Instagram content.
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